“Promoting what you love instead of bashing what you hate”

“Promoting what you love instead of bashing what you hate”

I am sure that is a quote that many of you have heard before. It seems pretty cliché, but it has been on my mind as of late.

Social media can be an amazing thing. I have met some of my best friends, connected with incredible individuals, been inspired, reached out to people I never thought possible, and have been able to share my story with thousands.

There seems to be an emphasis by many to look to those they do not “approve of”, understand, or see eye to eye with – and criticize. To me, social media is an incredible platform. There is unlimited positivity that can be spread, people that can be reached, and lives that can be improved by using our gifts for the greater good. Share who YOU are. Do what you LOVE. Show others the obstacles you have overcome to get to where you are today. Are you corny, weird, and quirky? GOOD. We need more individuals who are not afraid to be the people they were made to be. Someone will be able to relate to you 🙂 Once I was not afraid to show the world who I was, the more people I connected with!

Who does it benefit when someone attacks another person’s quirks, characteristics, looks, or personality? I am still curious as to finding that answer. Who knows what demon someone may be fighting during a particular day. Words do sting – and I would never want my words to be the ones that cause an individual to harm themselves – either through self-hate, depression, or worse yet, self-harm. Life is so short. The person we chastised, criticized, or mocked might be living their last day on this earth. I want the final interaction I have with someone is one of positivity. Sure, there is some validity to calling out scams or phony sales tactics that may be circling. However, it disappoints me when I see others devoting so much time to negativity. There is so much I LOVE – so I want to focus on that.

A few things I love and appreciate (and I would encourage others to think of this today as well): My family and their support, De Novo Nutrition white cake whey, heavy squats, lifting with my dad, my clients and their badass-ness, seeing other females kicking butt in the gym, watching powerlifting empower so many women, traveling to see friends, the fact I get to travel to Utah AND Texas next month!!, playing with my dog Stanley, baking macro-friendly desserts, talking to my brothers and sisters in Christ and seeing the bigger picture in life – those are all things I LOVE plus many more. What do you love? What is positive about today? Who can you uplift today instead of bringing down?

4 thoughts on ““Promoting what you love instead of bashing what you hate”

  1. Thanks for the positive encouragement! You are awesome & when I see your posts or snaps especially of your heavy lifts I tell my coach I want to be like you. Thanks for being awesome!


  2. I just wanted to let you know just how amazing you are! You’re so kind and so inspirational Katie, without your motivation I’d still be at a dangerously low weight and who knows what kind of health issuess I’d have. Thank you Katie, I’m so glad to have met you!!!


  3. I love this. Thanks for sharing because I’ve been in a bad spot for the past month. Thinking of only negative things and feeling sorry for myself. I need to refocus and start thinking about positive things instead of only the negative. Thank you again!


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