Is Perfection Getting in the Way of Progress?

“Type A” personality. Perfectionist.

Terms often deemed to those who willingly admit that they have an extreme personality, not satisfied with “just good enough”and constantly striving for perfection. Many “perfectionists” (here, here!) are drawn to extreme endeavors. Constantly seeking to be the fastest, smartest, most accomplished, etc. Soon endeavors that we originally had passion for can detract from our lives, especially our life outside that particular passion. We no longer find satisfaction in the process: we want to win.

When we take a step back, “everything or nothing” perspectives are ridiculous. The chances that you will be the all-time greatest at something you do are slim to none. Even if you do achieve a status of greatness, society has a short term memory. Individuals who are younger, smarter, and more talented will steal the lime light eventually.

You do NOT have the be the best to make a difference or have success. Strive to be YOUR best instead. That is all you can do. You do not have to be the best by society’s definition in order to be great. Do not let the pursuit of perfection get in the way of progress.

Those who have success or simply those who do not give up. When does it become easier to avoid throwing in the towel and giving up? Forget talent, advantages, and perfection. Think consistency. When you strive to hit perfection and miss, you will feel a sense of loss or failure. If you strive to be the best you can and find a way to take more steps forward than back consistently, you automatically win.

We should start thinking of our lives as wins after wins as opposed to missing the mark of perfection. Perspective is everything and black and white mentalities will lead to ups and downs and extremes. Hence, missed “wins” and more “failures”. Any endeavor that is worth it will come with challenges. Finding your passion should be less about seeking perfection and more about winning at the little things each day that add up to the big picture.

Set yourself up to have more wins each day. Accomplish small tasks. Win at starting the day positively. Win at being there for your spouse, children, friends. Win at finally accepting your body for what it is. Win at enjoying a night out with friends without worrying about tomorrow. Win at hitting one more rep in a workout. Win at getting your cardio in.

Change your perspective of yourself. Perfection hinders progress. See yourself as a winner and learn to allow yourself to do so.





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