About Me


Involved in athletics from an early age, I have found my passion centered around helping others achieve their goals and to realize their potential.

I started my initial athletic endeavors in high school; running track and cross country before transitioning into bodybuilding while attending college at The Ohio State University.

I initially went about prep all the wrong ways – succumbing to the pressure to follow extreme diets and exercise routines. All of these resulted in inconsistencies with my diet and my training programs as well as lack of enjoyment and balance in my life. Throughout my experiences, I eventually discovered a more flexible way of living and eating.

My first contest prep and powerlifting meet both took place in 2014. In my first season of competing, I came away with two first place wins in figure, a powerlifting meet win, and my IFPA figure pro card. I followed flexible dieting and powerlifting protocols throughout my entire prep and never restricted any food groups or restored to extreme methods for weight loss. I want others to see the possibilities as a natural athlete. Health and vitality have always been priorities in my own life as well as my clients and those I mentor.

After having success in both figure and powerlifting, I decided to make it a mission of mine to become educated and experienced in science-based training and nutritional methods. From there, I have found my passion in helping others achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.

I am currently an elite USAPL 72kg powerlifter, IFPA Natural Figure Pro, and coach. I travel around the country for seminars and events – striving to bring a message of hope and inspiration to those who have similar aspirations or simply want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Each day is a new opportunity to live for a greater purpose than our own personal success. 🙂